Professional Brokers and HR Consultants

Our experienced brokers and HR consultants can assist in many areas of benefits, HR, and payroll, including training, education, and compliance.

Employee Benefits

We can work with you in understanding benefit terminology and navigating the endless list of acronyms and benefit features that goes along with the day to day operation of benefit plans. We also take pride in helping clients simplify the benefit administration process through our tools and resources.

Some of the areas of assistance include:    

Human Resources (HR)

Our consultants can assist with understanding and complying with the many requirements imposed on employers in the areas of benefits, HR and payroll.

HR professionals can assist with creating and periodically reviewing such things as:


We are not a law firm, or tax professional (i.e. CPA or Tax Attorney), nor do we represent one.   If you have a situation that requires advice outside of our scope, we will recommend seeking legal or tax council, and may make referrals if needed. We do not accept referral fees of any kind from any of these professionals, nor advertise for any legal or tax professional.   Our HR professionals have completed at least a PHR certification or higher, with at least 5 years experience in working with companies.